"As we are in the business of distribution of pharmaceuticals specialized in refrigerated medicines, the excellent service we have received from CJL EXPRESS over the years has helped us give our customers the confidence that their medicines has been transported in the best manner while protecting the integrity of our temperature sensitive products. Their rates are very competitive with our shipments since we need all our medicines to arrive as quick as possible due to the cold chain requirements. We ship millions of dollars in pharmaceuticals and we trust 100% in CJL EXPRESS."

Bruce Taylor
Manager Distribution
Uno Healthcare

"The staff at CJL EXPRESS are always willing and able to answer all of my questions and have always given me the confidence that my shipments will be taken care of. The service that we receive is second to none! I am also very happy that CJL EXPRESS is keeping up to date with the ever changing customs environment. I highly recommend the use of CJL EXPRESS to any company looking for a complimentary partner for a value added service to their supply chain."

Ricardo Milani
Director Brazilian Sales
Gateway Brasil

"We … use CJL EXPRESS as a Customs Broker and … as a Freight Forwarder. Prior to our change to CJL EXPRESS, we were experiencing a number of problems with the Brazilian Customs. Since we have been using CJL EXPRESS's services, these problems have been resolved in a professional efficient manner with our best interests always being protected. We have enjoyed the personal contact with their knowledgeable staff, and do not hesitate to recommend them."

Marcio Gomes
Director Marine Division
Interface Ind.

"We have done business with CJL EXPRESS for many years. We use CJL EXPRESS Express for many reasons, they are personable, accurate, on time, and offer very fair prices. They are quick with freight quotes. They have gone the extra mile in accommodating us on many shipments. Not only are we pleased with their services, we are very pleased with the dollars we have saved on freight. We would highly recommend doing business with CJL EXPRESS."

Renata Ortega
Manager Export LATAM